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How to Create Extraordinary Value from Sharing Knowledge

  • 24 Jun 2021
  • 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Zoom Webinar



    Business value comes in many forms. What if you could report results like these to your CEO?

    • Cost and time savings, increased quality and customer satisfaction
    • Finding information or experts to help solve problems in One Click
    • Reinforce sharing and reuse to avoid making the same mistakes twice
    • Accelerate innovation and growth
    • Cut time to competency by 50%
    • Help your remote workforce access colleagues with critical expertise
    • Keep critical knowledge from walking out the door

    I believe that you can achieve similar results.

    Successful Knowledge Management programs are built on four pillars: knowledge transfer processes, shaping sharing behaviors, IT tools to manage content and collaboration and capturing meaningful business value to sustain leadership support.

    Learn how to capture business value, find experts, shape sharing behavior and accelerate learning.  This seminar shows you the way.

    About Our Speaker:

    Jeff Stemke

    Jeff is a recognized thought-leader, innovator and knowledge strategist with over 30 years of experience and expertise in organizational knowledge management and knowledge transfer. He designed and championed Chevron’s global knowledge strategy which created multi-billion-dollar cost savings and performance improvement.

    He helps clients create knowledge-driven enterprises that deliver extraordinary business value through innovation, accelerated workforce competency and performance, talent retention and cost reduction.  Jeff’s expertise includes knowledge transfer, collaboration, learning, knowledge and information management, change management, innovation, visualization and SharePoint architecture and information technology. He has incorporated these concepts in Visual-KnowHowTM, a next-generation SharePoint collaboration technology.


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